Bike Check: 2020 Fugitive LT Builder Limited Edition

Bike Check: 2020 Fugitive LT Builder Limited Edition

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Rider: Carlos

IG: @carlosmatutes

Does your bike have a name?

I’ve never really named a bike, but it makes too much sense to refer to this one as Dr. Richard Kimble

How tall are you? What's your inseam? any bike fit considerations that are unique?

5’10”, 33” inseam, weirdly long arms.

What size frame?


What’s your build spec? details to show the customization and personalization that's "fun"

DVO Diamond fork (green of course!);

Deity Components Group

Skyline bar, Copperhead stem, Knuckleduster grips, Crosshair stem cap, Circuit seatpost clamp

TRP Quadiem brakes

Deity Components Skyline bar

Copperhead stem

Knuckleduster grips

Crosshair stem cap

Circuit seatpost clamp, and TMac pedals

PNW Components Bachelor dropper post and Loam Lever

SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain

Industry 9 Enduro 305s 1/1 wheels

What are you running in your cockpit?

787mm bars

35mm stem

What’s the intended use (where are you riding it)?

This is set up to be an everything bike- long rides (maybe an endurance or stage race occasionally,) the odd enduro race, everyday rides… you name it, Dr. Kimble is a one-bike army.

Where do you live?

Boise, ID

What’s your favourite trail?

Oof, that’s a really tough one. Locally I’d say the Shingle/Dry Creek loop, because it has techy climbs, lots of rocks, and is just beautiful. But we’re building some new stuff that will be amazing…

Away from home, there are so many great trails, from Braley Pond in Virginia to Dakota Ridge in Denver to Alpine Trail in Oakridge, Oregon, to Horsetheif Bench in Fruita. I just can’t pick one!

Why do you love your new ride?

This is the first full suspension bike I’ve owned since my Santa Cruz Bullit in 2000, so there’s a whole learning curve to get the most out of my new bike compared to my Chromag Rootdown (no slouch either!)

Out of the gate, I loved how responsive and calm it is on descents, without feeling ponderous on climbs. Although I’m really just relearning to ride with suspension, I've gotten a lot of inadvertent personal bests on several downhills- by a lot.

The climbing is surprising- the other full suspension bikes I’ve ridden recently felt much less efficient on loose, rocky climbs. My timing is not quite where it needs to be to get the most out of it, but I can already clear some stuff that I couldn’t on the Rootdown.

I’ve only had my Knolly built up for a month, and the weather hasn’t given us many days of good trail conditions, so I’m so excited as we get closer to prime riding conditions to really learn to push it!

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