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Over the years we have realized that Knolly owners ride our products hard and often. This is great because that is exactly what we designed them for. Our goal from the beginning was to not only develop bikes that provide our loyal customers with an incredible riding experience, but to also provide solid support as well. Everyone here at Knolly is a rider so we take the engineering and manufacturing of our products very seriously, and we have partnered with one of the premier factories in the world to produce our bikes. We make some of the best product on the market and we are prepared to back that up by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty* (to the original owner) on our frames along with an awesome crash replacement program.


What the frame warranty covers

  • Defects in materials and workmanship
  • Bearings and fasteners for six months from time of purchase
  • Rear shocks are covered by their respective manufacturer, typically for one year from the time of purchase


What the frame warranty DOES NOT cover

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage to the finish of the frame from the application of frame protector coverings/sticker or adhesive backed sheets
  • Damage due to crashing and or abuse
  • Damage from using non factory specified fasteners and bearings
  • Damage from using non factory approved rear shocks
  • Damage or failure due to poor, negligent or lack of maintenance
  • Damage due to improper installation of components
  • Water damage to bearings, decals and finishes from high pressure washers and hoses
  • Dealer labour and costs for shipping warranty components to Knolly Bikes


What will void your frame warranty

  • Modification of the frame in any way
  • Use of unapproved shock sizes for any chosen model


How to deal with a warranty or crash replacement issue

You or your dealer should contact us as soon as an issue with the frame arises. Do not wait for the problem to get worse!

  • During the warranty call we will provide you with the warranty claim form and an RMA number which should be displayed clearly outside the box.
  • Be prepared to provide photos of the entire frame, problem area of the frame, and of the serial number (usually found on the bottom bracket shell).
  • You will also be requested to email your sales receipt along with a completed warranty claim form.
  • Ship your frame back to Knolly and await word from one of our qualified warranty technicians about solutions, options, and next steps.
  • We will replace or repair the damaged components at our discretion and ship them back to your dealer. We will cover return ground shipping of parts to the dealer — rush shipping can be requested at an additional charge.


Knolly Bikes frame crash replacement policy

Our crash replacement policy is designed to support customers with frame failures that are not covered under our warranty policy. This mainly includes failures that are not a result of defective materials or workmanship (i.e. crashing). It does not cover frames damaged due to installation and use of components that are inappropriate for a particular frame's intended purpose, such as: using an 8 inch DH fork on a trail bike, etc.


The bottom line

We stand behind our products, and they are designed to last a very long time. Regardless of the reason that you need our assistance, whether it’s a warranty situation or a crash replacement situation, our goal is to get you back on the trails as soon as humanly possible. We take pride in providing great service, since we know that’s an important part of keeping you in the Knolly family for as long as you’re able to ride a bike.

Please have your dealer contact Knolly Bikes when dealing with either a warranty or crash replacement issue.

*Lifetime Warranty is only applicable to frames produced in our Taiwan factory.

Please fill out the form below with a brief description of your warranty issue


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