Our patented Fourby4 suspension is designed to maximize rear shock performance and available traction in every situation, no matter how crazy things get. It reduces brake “squat” and enables your wheel to maintain contact with the ground to maximize your speed through the most challenging terrain. And our legendary pedalling traction ensures performance - even in the jank - so you can get on the gas when you need to eliminate another second off your time.


We feature 157Trail rear hub spacing which uses the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells. This spacing provides the most options for tire size and can easily clear tire widths up to 2.6. With 157Trail, heel clearance is exceptional and chainring clearance remains huge at 36T.

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Our patented offset straight seat tube design (OSD) allows our riders to transition effectively between a highly efficient pedaling position and the “attack position” required for aggressive riding. It enables the rider to drop the saddle on the downs and is critical in allowing maximum rear wheel travel while keeping the back wheel away from the seat tube under full compression. This design allows us to run 200+mm dropper posts because our seat tubes are straight and un-interrupted.

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Human Centric Sizing

We have always believed in human centric sizing and design our bikes to deliver optimal reach, standover height and geometry for a broad range of riders.

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Premium Aluminum

We’re known for building our bikes with super high quality aluminum and we use a 6066 series hydroformed aluminum alloy tubing. It’s the most advanced weldable tubing alloy available and has a combination of high tensile strength and excellent durability. It’s easy formability allows us to create complex shapes to maximize torsional stiffness and ensure a high performance, predictable ride.

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We choose the best material possible for our hardware and selected titanium. We CNC machine our pivots from titanium bar stock and finish them in laser-etched black anodizing.

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Dynamic Geometry

Our geometry is highly progressive but not designed to escalate or play one upmanship with the “longer, lower, slacker” trend. Most bikes in the industry are built (and sold) on their static geometry, which is not indicative of how they actually perform on the trail. We have always focused on the bike’s “Dynamic Geometry” which is how the bike performs when it’s “in use”, not how it looks on paper.

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Adjustable Geometry

There are two adjustable geo settings (slack or neutral), so that you can tailor your set up to match your riding style. It’s as simple as removing a bolt, sliding the shock forward or back, and re-installing the bolt.

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Threaded BB Shell

We use threaded BB’s because they are solid and reliable and include double row angular contact bearings in key pivot locations so that they’ll last for seasons of hard use.

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Cable Routing

Our cable routing features doors that are big for fast and easy installation, and the rubber ports can handle 4mm, 5mm and Di2 housing. This custom design keeps your housing from rattling in the frame.

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