Knation - Grassroots Ride Program

2024 marks the 11th Anniversary of the Knolly Grassroots Ride (GSR) Program, and we're looking for community influencers including racers, coaches and content creators. Throughout the ride season, you're hitting 5+ local or regional races, or coaching a team of riders, or producing inspirational ride content on social media regularly.

We want to see you documenting this through high quality/unique photos and videos/reels; and we’re asking our athletes to post regularly on their social channels while tagging @knollybikes


At Knolly we pride ourselves for taking an ‘engineering first’ approach to product design and are proud to offer our Warden, Chilcotin and Fugitive models to support your upcoming season. For those riders looking for a new type of adventure, check out our Tyaughton hardtail or Cache gravel models.


We built the Knation as a way to celebrate our athlete’s successes and help them tell their stories because we wanted to inspire more people to ride. For 2024 we will be actively sharing our rider’s photos, videos, and stories with the world. We encourage our athletes to join the conversations on our social media channels and be accessible to other riders.


Do you race for a local shop team? Knolly supports the Local Bike Shop network worldwide and the GSR program is no different. Connect us with your shop manager and we can handle the rest.


To apply for Grassroots Sponsorship, click the name of the manager in your area and share your upcoming 2024 ride plans. Include where you’re from, past race results, your social media handles, potential upcoming race plans and planned photo/video projects.

Please note: if an email does not automatically open you can right click on the image and click Copy Email Address. You can then paste this into any e-mail.


Ralph Havens (Pacific Northwest USA)
Dom Toupin (Quebec - Canada)
Gary Chong (China, Honk Kong, SE Asia)
Ruth O'Brien (Australia & New Zealand)
Stephen Fenner (United Kingdom)
Adrien Lambert (France)
Head Office (Canada, Asia, Southwest & Central USA)