Grassroots (GSR) Program

Knation - Grassroots (GSR) Program

2022 marks the 9th Anniversary of the Knolly Grassroots (GSR) Program, and we’re excited to support our athletes with a program that works for everyone. This past year has been a challenging race season and for 2022, we’re focusing our program on athlete media assets.

While we hope that the race season kicks off, we know you’ll be riding, training and exploring your local trails. We want to see you documenting this through high quality photos and videos; and we’re asking our athletes to post regularly on their social media channels while tagging @knollybikes.


2022 GSR Kits

For this year, we’re changing things up and will be providing a Knolly branded hoody with each 2022 bike purchase. It’s a perfect pre/post ride piece that we know that you’ll love! We’re planning to replenish hoody stock this spring and will be offering a 3rd graphic/colour.


Our products

At Knolly we pride ourselves for taking an ‘engineering first’ approach to product design and are proud of the frames we offer to the rider community. Our products are race proven enduro machines and we are thrilled to offer our Warden, Chilcotin and Fugitive models to support your upcoming season. For those riders looking for a new type of adventure or mode of exploration, check out our Tyaughton hardtail or Cache gravel models.


Ordering your new 2022 bike

You can order directly through our online store and while the process is tailored to the GSR program, we can still include your local dealer when there’s one in your neighborhood. In addition, the GSR program will get early access to certain product and throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to purchase unique product in the Knolly Store.


Our Knation is a community

We built the Knation as a way to celebrate our athlete’s successes and help them tell their stories because we wanted to inspire more people to ride. For 2021 we will be actively sharing our rider’s photos, videos, and stories with the world. We encourage our athletes to join the conversations on our social media channels and be accessible to other riders.


Dealers, get involved!

Do you race for a local shop team? Knolly supports the Local Bike Shop network worldwide and the GSR program is no different. You can contact your regional race manager directly or have your application run through your shop team manager. Either way, we are happy to support the team, the shop, and can even handle full team sponsorships. Put us in touch with your shop manager and we can handle the rest.


How the program works

The GSR program is a simple concept: offer great bikes at great prices to great athletes of our sport. Men, women, boys, girls, fast riders, slow riders… we feel everyone should have access to an amazing race bike and have fun. The only real requirement is that you have a positive attitude on and off the race course (and on social media), and you represent yourself and the Knolly brand in constructive way. We are also looking to support key influencers in your local ride community (ie. Race Coaches, Team Managers, Ride Instructors, etc). With that said, we are seeking to add upcoming talent to this program.


Are you an amateur racer looking for a little support with your race bike for 2022?

To apply for Grassroots Sponsorship, click the name of the manager in your area and share your upcoming 2022 ride plans. Include where you’re from, past race results, your social media handles, potential upcoming 2022 race plans and planned photo/video projects.

Please note: if an email does not automatically open you can right click on the image and click Copy Email Address. You can then paste this into any e-mail.


Ralph Havens (Pacific Northwest USA)

Dom Toupin (Quebec - Canada)

Gary Chong (China, Honk Kong, SE Asia)

Ruth O'Brien (Australia & New Zealand)

Martin Zietsman (UK & South Africa)

Adrien Lambert (France)

Head Office (Canada, Asia, Southwest & Central USA)


As mountain bikers we all share a common bond - the desire to experience the world from behind the bars of a bike with wheels spinning and our hearts racing. Take advantage of pre-bookings on new models, be kept in the loop on happenings from the team, get sneak peaks on new designs, and have the chance to win some cool prizes.

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