Knolly Bikes’ roots are based in South West British Columbia’s mountain biking mecca, predominantly Vancouver’s North Shore and Whistler. While you can’t get a degree in “Mountain Bike Design” we come from a background that’s about as close as possible: engineering physics, applications engineering and precision industrial manufacturing. Combined with (at the time we started) over a decade of riding experience on some of the most demanding trails in the world, it’s no wonder that we see the mountain biking world in a different light than most other companies.

Knolly Bikes started as a pursuit – driven by our love of riding – to design the highest performance, best possibly manufactured, most innovative products available. Over the past decade, we have built our reputation on manufacturing quality, performance innovation and customer service.

At the start, our company was only one person building himself a bike (and maybe one for his wife and perhaps a few close friends) based on his passion for riding and helped along by a degree in physics, a career in engineering and a strong background in manufacturing. However, what happened was quite different...

After a year working on the initial conceptual frame designs, discovering what did and didn't work and what sacrifices would have to be made, a discovery was made that would influence Knolly Bikes suspension frames. This discovery was our patented Fourby4 suspension design.

In 2003, a year and a half after Noel’s first conceptual designs, the first prototype V-tach frames were finished. The riding performance of these frames quickly spread by word of mouth and soon people were asking us for frames. The first V-tach production run quickly sold out and shipped to customers in late 2004. Soon after, Knolly Bikes was officially a brand.

While our frame designs and applications have grown and changed, the philosophy that started Knolly stays the same: to design and build the absolutely most reliable, highest performing products that we can.