Bike Check: Cache Titanium

Bike Check: Cache Titanium

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Ireland photos by @kevinvallely

How tall are you?

I’m 5’1” and have always struggled to find bikes that fit me well. When Noel (Knolly’s CEO/Head Engineer) told me that we were developing a new gravel ride, I was beyond thrilled knowing that he would ensure this bike would fit my small statue! We had several conversations about how my road, mountain and gravel bikes have worked (and didn’t work) and he incorporated this feedback into the design.

What size frame?

My Knolly Cache is a size 49.5 frame. When asked about the Cache sizing, it fits me perfectly. I wouldn’t have guessed my off the shelf size would be a 49.5 (as my road bikes have always been between 47-48 frames). But with a shorter stem, 165 crank and my SDG women’s saddle… this bike is a dream ride.

Where do you live?

North Vancouver, BC

What’s your build spec?

FSA cockpit.

FSA SLK 60mm Stem

FSA AGX 400mm


FSA SLK SB0/15 31.6 seatpost Cane Creek 40 headset

Shimano Ultegra Flat Mount rotors

140mm brakerotors

Shimano Ultegra RX groupset

FSA SLK 165mm crank arms

Shimano RS770 wheelset

Maxxis Ravager/Rambler Tire combo (40c width)

What’s your intended use?

Throughout the year I commute to work on my Cache, riding a combination of street & gravel into the office. Living on the Shore enables me to jump on the Trans Canada Trail going to work and ride home through some of the most scenic North Trails singletrack and gravel trails right back to my door step.

Last summer, I also took the Cache on an amazing 1800+ kilometer cycle touring adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. The roads were often off the beaten path and served up some of the most scenic routes I’ve ever experienced. As you can expect from European roads, they were less than smooth but I was sitting comfortable on the Cache.

What do you love about your bike?

Can I open by saying that when it’s winter and the cold rain is pounding down… I’d prefer my Cache any day to sitting in a car, driving to work. It gives me the freedom to choose my route, be it paved, gravel or fun winding singletrack. It’s WAY more fun than sitting in traffic! I’ve ridden for miles on my Cache and the geometry is perfect for my small size. It’s comfortable for long days in the saddle, carries everything I need for short work commutes to the office, or long multi-day touring adventures. It’s incredibly stable fully loaded and at high speeds, while also feeling light when I strip it down for short fitness laps on the Shore. It’s reliable, comfortable and has become my go to bike for training and exploring new places.

To read more about my Wild Atlantic cycling journey:

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