BIKE CHECK: Warden SS Park Machine

BIKE CHECK: Warden SS Park Machine

Posted by Noel Buckley on

Rider: Daniel Strzelec
Lives: Grand Forks, BC
Riders: Knolly Warden (medium, green)
How tall are you? 
I am 5'8 and my inseam is 29. Lucky for me, the size medium is spot on!
What’s your build spec?
I wanted a bike park machine that was light and reliable so I ditched all the gears and slapped on a reverse single speed chain tensioner and reverse XD driver with a 13 tooth cog. I also added the Boxxer Ultimate and longer stroked Fox DHX2 so i have 175 mm in the rear and 200mm up front. The bike weighs around 33 pounds.
What are you running in your cockpit? 
I have a Deity direct mount stem and some random Specialized bars that I cut to 780. I like my bars rolled back a tad.
Photo credit: Jon Thibert
Daniel in action
What’s the intended use (where are you riding it)?
This bike is strictly for riding the bike park, big mountain fun and larger jumps!
What’s your favourite local trail?
I'd have to say Boris to wheel chair in Christina Lake BC!
Why do you love your new ride?
I love that it's simple, all aluminum, 27.5 and the colors on it are to drool over!
Daniel's Knolly Warden
Daniel's Knolly Warden close up
Daniel's Knolly Warden details
Daniel in action
Daniel on the Warden
Daniel flying on the green Warden

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