Warden 168

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Warden 168

The long anticipated NEW Warden is officially launching June 26. Ride it on the trail or get in shuttle or park laps, this new model features an extensive range of sizes and can be set up mullet or dual 27.5. 

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The Knolly Warden 168 Enduro bike - adds more travel so that you can take bigger hits, tackle rougher terrain and push the limits of your riding to the next level. It’s super fast for an Enduro bike, while still being plenty capable on the climbs.

Our philosophy is the more difficult things get the better your products need to perform. The Warden 168 Enduro sells out because it’s a do everything bike that can handle a massive range from moderate riding to full bike park and SuperEnduro. 

The Warden 168 is an incredibly versatile Enduro bike. When you get to a difficult technical climb or hairball descent where it’s by the seat of your pants all the way down, this mountain bike will not won’t let you down. It’s confidence inspiring and you can trust the performance.  

Our patented Fourby4 suspension is essentially invisible. When the suspension is doing its job correctly, you shouldn’t notice it. Fourby4 is seamless, natural, predictable and gives unmatched control in technical situations. 

The Warden also includes 157Trail rear hub spacing which uses the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells, our patented offset straight seat tube design (OSD) and human centric sizing so it'll work for a broad range of riders.

We take the harder road to better design simply because it delivers better product performance. The Knolly Warden 168 is a perfect example of this.

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Complete bikes ship unassembled & require a full build. Spec is subject to change without notice. If you have any questions, contact us at info@knollybikes.com.