We use titanium because of its premium ride quality, anti-corrosion resistant characteristics and unlimited fatigue cycle. And our supplier is the best in the industry, enabling them to create the precise tooling required, so that they can produce the custom tubing we need for these models.

Carbon fork

Our carbon gravel fork is designed to be one of the lightest and stiffest performance gravel forks on the market. It features a rigid tapered steerer, compliant lowers, large tire clearance, and discrete fender mounts.

Custom tubing

We feature custom tubing throughout this model so that the bike balances the perfect level of stiffness and comfort for any all mountain adventure. And each frame size features the appropriate tube diameter for that particular size, which allows us to tailor the stiffness from our smallest to largest sized frames.

Progressive Geometry

Utilizing our mountain bike expertise, we wanted to offer a bike that felt comfortable on both short and long-haul rides, as well as multi-surface terrains. We designed the Cache with a longer front center and a shorter stem to ensure it had optimal handling to expertly manage technical corners, while still being predictable, stable and comfortable on epic adventure rides.

Human Centric Sizing

We have always believed in human centric sizing and design our bikes to deliver optimal reach, standover height and geometry for a broad range of riders.

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Rear Stays

The custom chain stays on this model are full of subtle features like a squared off top surface that is angled slightly outwards to improve the cable exit angle. The Cache also utilizes our mountain bike derailleur hanger so it is compatible with the Knolly already in your shed.


Custom CNC'd dropouts combine the stiffness of the chainstay to the legendary flex of titanium in the seatstay. The offset tube position on the dropout hood also helps the frame absorb vibration before it gets to the rider.

Cable Ports

We designed our own cable ports and they come straight from our mountain bikes. Our ports use a rubber wedge so that the cables are under tension and do not rattle. It also provides the opening to route the dropper post cable.

Seat Tube Design

The Cache has a threaded BB shell, custom right side chainstay yoke, and full fender mounts. We worked with our factory to execute an industry first frame design that connects the down tube to the highly manipulated seat tube so that you can run an internal dropper post.

Cable Routing

The internal cable routing allows the housing to be run quickly and each end cap is designed to properly hold all the standard sized housing including Di2.


The Cache can be run as a traditional dual ring set up with a front derailleur or a single ring 1x system. Routing is provided for both mechanical and Di2 derailleurs and can be run internally or externally.

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