BIKE CHECK: Whistler-based staffer at Arbutus Routes in Blackcomb Base 2

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Rider: Philipe Bussiere
Resides:  in a van in Whistler, BC
Bike Photos: Rob Perry
Where do you ride?
I ride mainly tech trails all around the Sea to Sky but this summer I am focusing on flow jump trails and steep sections in the Whistler Bike Park. This is why I chose the Chilcotin as my ride of choice I wanted an "all arounder" that would help me carry speed in any kind of trail while still letting me pedal comfortably when I needed to climb.
What model do you ride and what's your build spec?
-Chilcotin 167 Raw
-Size large (not wrapped since it's so easy to polish the scratches away)
-Build kit is Fox Factory and Shimano XT
There are a few things that I changed right away on the bike
-replaced XT brakes for Saint brakes
-replaced 180mm rear rotor for 203mm
-added Saint Clip pedals
-replaced the tires for Assegai Double Down front and DHR 2 DH casing rear
-replaced the dropper post and put on my BikeYoke dropper post that I love!
-swapped the Chromag grips with a friend that also had Chromag grips but with a bit more friction
Tell us about the ride performance
I really like my new bike! It rides so direct. The long wheelbase, the unidirectional links and the 29 inch wheels really deliver a stable platform the makes you go forward. I am still working on my tight corners but the janky sections feel like its easy to keep my line. Absolutely no torsion is felt on the bike, it's so smooth taking off and landing!

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