BIKE CHECK: Adventuring with the Cache

BIKE CHECK: Adventuring with the Cache

Posted by Noel Buckley on

Rider IG Handle: @alecsuriyuth 
Knolly model/colour: Cache Steel in limestone
Where you live and where you ride?
I live in Vancouver and ride mainly on the North Shore and Squamish! Some of my favourite gravel rides around town are Stanley Park and Fisherman's Trail. I lived in Ottawa before moving to Vancouver in 2019, and I have a soft spot for a lot of the gravel around there! 
Knolly's Cache Steel
What are your favourite types of riding/trails? 
My favourite trails for when I'm riding gravel are the ones that make you feel like you're really out there; something that adds to the sense of adventure. My ideal ride would have some road, gravel, and trails thrown in. Add in a ferry ride, a coffee stop or brewery and I'd be pretty stoked!
How tall are you, what size bike do you ride? How does your bike fit? 
I'm 5'6" and I ride a 52; I think it fits me well. I spent about 7 years on my last gravel bike and chose the Cache frame size with input from what I liked from that last bike. 
What’s your bike spec/build kit? Did you do anything custom? 
I built the bike from the frame up and because of that I've been able to build it to suit my riding and my budget.
  • TRP Spyre brakes
  • Shimano 11sp mountain bike drivetrain with bar-end shifter
  • 48c Panaracer Gravel King tires are some of the highlights!
  • I'll maybe add a dropper post at somepoint down the road but for now the bike is everything I need.   
How’s the bike performing on the trails? 
Its been great! The bike feels responsive and the ride feel of the steel frame is comfy. It feels very capable with my 48c tires and it hasn't felt out of place on any of the trails, gravel roads or paved roads I've taken it on so far! A few days after I built it up I took it for a short bikepacking trip and it felt really great even when fully loaded!   
Cache Steel in Limestone
Cache Steel details
Cache Steel bar bag

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