The Oaxaca Experience

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By Dylan Crane

Photo credit: The Its Project

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? Is it, a luxurious mountainous adventure with loamy dirt, world class food, beautiful views, historical architecture, and an inviting cultural experience? To be honest, that’s not at all what we were thinking when we booked the trip, but it’s precisely what we found when we landed in the beautiful mountain city of Oaxaca Mexico.

This city, known for its exquisite food, historical architecture, and famous Mezcal is also the location of, arguably, Mexico's finest mountain biking. The surrounding mountains are filled with extensive trail systems all easily accessed via our guided shuttle vehicle. What’s better, almost every trail can be shuttled from top to bottom. While these trails are better suited for trail bikes, it’s entirely possible to bring a DH bike and still enjoy your time riding. In fact, while its very rare to see anyone else out on the trails due to the sheer size of the trail network, we did see a couple riders tearing it up on DH rigs.

With dirt that could have easily been out of British Columbia, 40 minute non-stop descents amongst 10 foot tall Agaves, and a five star lodging experience, our time with Oaxaca Bike Expeditions quickly became an all-time favorite trip for us all, and one we hope to repeat very soon. Thank you to Javier for his incredible hospitality and great local knowledge. Fun fact, he’s also one of the best deep sea fishers in the region.

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