BIKE CHECK: DH/Bike Park Chilcotin 167

BIKE CHECK: DH/Bike Park Chilcotin 167

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Rider: Halvor Norris
Lives: Spokane, WA
How tall are you? 
I am 6'2 with a 32" inseam.  I have relatively short legs compared to my torso.
What size frame?
I am between frame sizes but went for an XL Chilcotin frame for this build because I wanted the longer wheelbase for DH racing.  I also have a Warden size large for trail riding.

Halvor's Knolly Chilcotin
What’s your build spec? 
I built this bike for racing DH and the bike park so I did things a bit different.
I put a Fox 40 fork on it but lowered the travel to 190mm.  This gives the fork an Axle to Crown measurement very close to a 170mm single crown fork so the geometry is roughly the same. 
I also installed some Mojo Morc offset crowns to reduce the fork offset to 42mm which again is what most single crown Enduro forks are these days  but it's shorter than most DH forks. The result is that the bike handles extremely well, I can put the bike wherever I want on the trail and it corners on rails.
The other unique bits of this bike are the SRAM 7spd drivetrain and the dropper post.  I went with the 7spd for durability as this bike will see lots of laps and I won't be climbing on it. I added the dropper because at my local bike park we have a short ride back to the lifts through the town and I wanted to be able to sit and spin in comfort.  It's also nice for cruising through the pits at races!
Other Parts:
e13Lg1 Plus cranks
Weareone Strife Rims laced to Onyx Classic Hubs
Wolftooth Headset
Fidlock Bottle Mount
What are you running in your cockpit? 
I am running 35mm rise e13 bars paired with a Protaper adjustable DM stem set at 40mm. I am a believer in stem length matching fork offset.  Underneath my stem I have about 15mm of spacers.  I like to have a more upright riding position for DH riding only. I use the Sensus Meaty Paw grips.
Why do you love your new ride?
I love this bike because it's the best of both worlds: super supportive suspension that can plow through the chunk of a DH course but it also handles amazingly well!
Halvor in action on his Chilcotin  
Halvor's Chilcotin handlebar close up
Knolly Chilcotin close up

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