Knolly staffer's Tyaughton Ti: bike check & short edit

Knolly staffer's Tyaughton Ti: bike check & short edit

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Rider: Ken Fung (Knolly Sales Manager)

Model: Tyaughton Titanium hardtail

Where he rides: Vancouver, Tricities, and Sea 2 Sky Corridor

Photos & video credit: Steve Tan

Rider Spec: 5'10", 32 inseam, ape index +2

Bike Spec: Medium Tyaughton Ti

  • RS Lyrik RC2
  • i9 Enduro S Wheelset
  • DHR 2.4 Double down rear tire (no insert)
  • DHF 2.5 Assegai front tire (no insert)
  • X01 build
  • CODE RSC - 200mm front / 180mm rear
  • NSB Overlord 50mm stem - usually I ride shorter stems but I wanted a fit on this bike for longer rides and to have more weight over the front wheel.
  • Chromag Cutlass Carbon 31.8
*I've got a set of HOPE brakes and hubs waiting to go on this but I'm waiting on supply chain to clear up because there are small parts (WR1 rims and HOPE shifter matchmakers for the levers) waiting for this to happen.

Ride performance:

The Tyaughton has been my go to bike for the last 3 months over the winter, ride it rough, put it away dirty. It's just nice to have a bike that I don't have to worry about maintenance during the wetter part of the year.
The geometry has been a game changer for me; coming off a Whistler-based hardtail company custom frame from 2016 and onto the modern Tyaughton, it's made my riding confidence equal to my full suspension bike.
The "longish" reach at 468mm might feel long but the steep seat tube angle at 75 degrees puts me in a riding position perfect for long technical PNW uphill slogs. I've put a "longer" 50mm stem so that more of my chest mass is over the front end of the bike for the downs - more pressure on the front wheels, and also for me to have a better breathing position when I'm heavy breathing from sucking on climbs - just kidding, I'm the sadist that loves a long climb.
I originally had a SPANK Oozy Vibrocore bar on this bike but my old man bones couldn't take the stiffness of a 35mm bar so I went with the Chromag Cutlass 31.8mm diameter carbon bar for more compliance. I matched it up with the local Whistler company Northshore Billet's Overlord 31.8 stem for that PNW local company vibe.
I've always wanted a titanium bike and I had an opportunity to get on this bike and have not regretted it; I might be biased as being on the team that helped develop the geo. Titanium is the "magic metal" that absorbs vibrations and dampens sharp edge hits; My riding style is very all mountain, I don't send it high and far but I do love an occasional drop or small gap, and the material does an amazing job in dulling the chatter in wet season terrain: a lot of rain erosion, exposed roots, and pre-season trail conditions.

Ken on his Knolly Tyaughton Titanium hardtail Riding the Knolly Titanium hardtail
Knolly titanium hardtail
Full view of the Knolly Tyaughton titanium

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