Keeping safe & Riding Gravel

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Written by Brenda R

I started riding gravel because it kept me off the roads away from traffic and the occasional crazy driver that either wasn’t paying attention or came way too close for comfort. I could get in training laps, explore new trails and still get my daily dose of fresh mountain air. For more technical hits, I gravitated towards my mountain bike but recently gravel riding has become my preferred choice. This past spring, I found myself searching for dirt pathways with less people, wanting to get away from the noise of the city and find a safer way to explore that didn’t put me at risk of injury. I did NOT want to be that “injured rider” taking a bed away from a patient that needed it. Gravel riding became my outlet.

I’ve been asked why not just ride my mountain bike on the same routes? On my Cache, my pace is a little brisker and my local single-track trails suddenly become a lot more fun, interesting and challenging on a drop bar bike. It also gives me the flexibility to hop on the road (when there’s no better route), and then link up fun neighborhood trails on the way home. No, I’m not winning any races or Strava records but I’m having a LOT of fun. It’s getting me out, keeping me safe and to be honest… it’s a welcome mental break from the chaos that’s going on in the world today. I’m incredibly grateful.

If you’re looking for a different type of adventure, seeking a little solitude or craving a good workout… gravel riding is a great option.

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