Fun edit and bike check from Rafa Infante

Fun edit and bike check from Rafa Infante

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2021 Fugitive 138 Bike Check

Rider: Rafaelo (Rafa) Infante

IG: @rafaelo_infante

Rides: Fugitive 138, matte purple

Photo credit: Rafa Infante

Spec and what makes your set up special:

We have a couple of unique features on this bike. From custom wheels, to specific product lengths, my Violeta Oso (purple bear) is my dream bike. 

  • 138mm Fox DH X2 
  • SRAM Eagle drivetrain 
  • For extra flavor, the bike is covered in AMS protective tape. This Fugitive has the AMS bear on the bottom tube and clear tape on the top tube along with the chainstay and seat tube. 
  • The front end of the bike is a gem, to say the least - custom Carbon 8150 Wheels w/ Factor hubs, SR Suntour DUROLUX36-EQ-RC2 
  • The Fugitive is rocking a Tag Metals cockpit (T1 Carbon Bars: 170mm, 30 mm rise, 5° Upsweep, 7° Backsweep • T1 Stem: 35mm • T1 BRAAP Grips) with Magura MT5 carbon level brakes 
  • SR Durolux in special edition grey w/ purple Factor hubs and dual caliper Magura brakes
  • The wheels are protected by Tannus inserts.

Knolly Fugitive in Matte Purple

How does the bike fit you?

The bike fits me like a well made, perfectly stuffed burrito. Just the right reach. Great space between my body and the bike. Super nimble and responsive with the new geometry. I couldn’t be happier. Knolly’s bikes are a little bit on the heavier side but when it comes to sacrificing weight for a bike that feels like it was custom made for me, I will take it any day. The Fugitive has been my go-to trail rig, dirt jumper, and DH bike for the past 3 years and it constantly blows me away with its versatility. 

Knolly Matte Purple Fugitive details

Tell us more about your local trails and where you like to ride?

Boulder is notorious for its dusty, sand-like conditions. You can find a pretty epic variety from steep and chundery to flowy and chill. Luckily we are at high elevation and can get into the high alpine for some amazing rides amongst the aspens. My favorite time to ride is the Fall when all the leaves are changing, and the trails begin to get more moisture. It offers a bit of a change to the dirt conditions, you might even call it “Colorado loam.” 

My go to spot to ride is either Valmont Vike Park for pump track / dirt jump sessions, or getting out to Floyd Hill for a good variety of terrain. Left Hand is also always a classic but getting out of the familiar zones and into new riding spots is always a blast. The most recent adventure was up in Eagle, CO. Amazing new trail system and pretty loose fun terrain. 

Riding the Knolly Fugitive in Matte Purple

Bike performance (how does the bike perform)?

The Fugitive’s performance is beyond anything I could have expected. With a couple of adjustments to the suspension and getting used to the new parts, I felt right back at home. The new Fugitive has a little more suspension then the last which I really enjoyed when getting into more technical terrain. However, with the new rear triangle, the bike corners so much better and I can really trust the bike to be responsive and take me through the turns at pace.


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