Bike Check: Warden Mullet from Squamish

Bike Check: Warden Mullet from Squamish

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Name: Joe Grewal
IG: @notoejoe

I got the new Warden and set it up as a mullet (after picking Daniel Shaw’s brain for weeks, Thanks Daniel). I had never tried a 29er and loved my Warden Carbon. Just wasn't ready to commit to a full 29er and my thinking is that with me being on a medium frame, I don’t really need a 29er. After lots of reading, I figured a mullet is the perfect set up and it hasn’t disappointed so far. I’ve only had the chance to ride it in full on winter muddy conditions and can’t wait to try it out in more friendly conditions. She is a beast though from what I’ve experienced so far.

How tall are you? What's your inseam? any bike fit considerations that are unique?

I’m 5’9 with a 30” inseam and am right at the tall end of a M frame but with the V2 frames it’s fits me perfect. I’d rather a smaller frame than be oversized with a L. Makes it’s easier to throw around.

What size frame?


What’s your build spec?

Fox Factory 38 170mm
Fox Factory DHX2 160mm
Fox Factory Transfer
We Are One Wheels Union 29(F) 27.5 (R) Industry 9 Hydra hubs.
Chromag BZA carbon bar 780mm. 25mm rise.
Chromag BZA 35mm stem
Chromag Dagga flat pedals
Chromag Lift Saddle
Chromag Basis Grips
GX Eagle drivetrain
Shimano Saints : I love the stopping power of these brakes. Put them on every bike I get.
Maxxis Assegai F and R for the winter. Dissector or Aggressor for rear tire come spring.
Cushcore Pro

I ride the bike in Slack mode.

What are you running in your cockpit?

I am running a full Chromag cockpit. BZA bars with 25mm rise and cut to 780mm with a BZA 35mm stem. I went a little shorter on the stem to get more steering control.

What’s the intended use (where are you riding it)?

I’ll mostly be riding in Squamish, with a few days on the North Shore and Whistler (not bike park).

Where do you live?


What’s your favorite trail?

Rigs and Zen to Pleasure Trail

Favorite laps :

Credit Line to Crouching or Cakewalk to Somewhere over there

Why do you love your new ride?

The bike is fast! It’s holds a line great. Climbs better than my V1 Warden. I’ve done a few drops on it and it feels great and pop-y. It feels good on wet and loose spice (Plural) and rolls great on straight speedways (Crouching/Credit Line).

Still getting used to the new bike and mullet set up, I will update after I get a few more rides on it. But so far it’s feels great.

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