Bike Check: 2020 Warden LT

Bike Check: 2020 Warden LT

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Rider: Daniel

IG: @danielshaw17

How tall are you? What's your inseam? any bike fit considerations that are unique? I’m 185cm tall with a 86cm inseam.

I have longer arms so I prefer wider bars (780mm) to keep my reach more comfortable while still being upright enough.

What size frame?

I’m running a Large Warden right now and it fits perfectly.

What’s your build spec? details to show the customization and personalization that's "fun".

Fox Suspension with a Sram XO drivetrain. Black and orange Chromag parts to match the raw frame with the orange fox stuff. I have Industry Nine Enduro wheels with a 29er fork and wheel up front and 27.5 wheel in the back. The “mullet” set up is super playful and seems to steamroller over everything.

What are you running in your cockpit?

Chromag BZA cockpit with 780mm bars, Chromag Clutch grips and Lynx DT seat. This set up is comfortable for big pedal days on the ups and downs and doesn’t compromise and strength or weight for when it gets hairy going downhill.

What’s the intended use?

I'm racing it at the Enduro World Series and training on Mt Prevost (Vancouver Island, BC, Canada) with some of the fastest downhill racers in Canada.

Where do you live?

I’m living in Victoria BC.

What’s your favourite trail?

My favorite trail is still and probably always will be Mystery Downhill on Cypress Mountain (Vancouver, B.C, Canada). In my opinion it's one of the fastest and roughest tracks around and always pushes the rider to be better.

Why do you love your new ride?

The Warden V2 is a BEAST!

It handles high speed trails and rough stuff so well but still climbs the steeps like a breeze.

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