Service - 157Trail bottom bracket & crank compatibility

The 157Trail platform (157 DH / Superboost) on current Knolly full-suspension and hardtail frames will accept most 55-56.5mm chainline setups. There are a number of ways to get cranks to fit our frames. Here are some helpful facts:

  • Quick reference chart for SHIMANO/SRAM BB and Crank setups. This spreadsheet will indicate BB spacing suggestions and chainlines for SB+ setups for Knolly OE build kits and some aftermarket cranks. Click here for reference chart

  • SRAM's DUB system is available in MTB (Boost CL 52mm), MTB Wide (CL 55mm), and Super Boost (CL 56.5mm). MTB (CL 52mm) cranksets are compatible with our 157Trail platform if the chainring is swapped to one with zero offset (see below). MTB Wide (CL55) cranksets will work with the standard 3mm chainring and DUB spacer setup per SRAM’s DUB MTB BB Compatibility Chart. While MTB Wide and SB+ are not interchangeable, they are both compatible with our 157Trail platform.
    • Among others, One-Up and Chromag make zero offset chainrings for older SRAM DUB MTB cranksets - note that 32t is the largest chainring that will clear.
  • RaceFace direct mount (Cinch) cranksets with 136/137 spindles will work with the  3mm offset chainring flipped (ie. -3mm). Shimano 12 systems must use an RF Direct Mount SHI-12 ring. Check out RaceFace’s Crank Selection Guide for more information.
  • Shimano offers Deore, SLX and XT cranks in 55mm (M*120) and 56.5mm (M*130) chainline options. Both are compatible with our frames. XTR cranks have narrower Q-Factor and chainline measurements, so we do not recommend using the 52mm (M9120) crankset. 55mm (M9125) and 56.5mm (M9130) will work. For a 73mm bottom bracket shell, you will need to use 1x 2.5mm BB spacer on the driveside. 

If you have questions about setup with a crank that we have not mentioned above, please reach out to the manufacturer directly before circling back to us.