Repairing My Soul Through Riding

Repairing My Soul Through Riding

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Jenny Burrows – Repairing my Soul Through Riding

Photo of Jenny Burrows
In 2021 at the age of 37 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was right in the middle of being a mom of two young boys and advancing my career. It was like an avalanche was triggered and I lost all control in my life. I became completely consumed with everything cancer, and it got dark. Biking and skiing gave me temporary light and freedom from my dark thoughts and let me be present with my boys and husband. When feeling physically low from chemo or in a downward spiral of anxiety, just getting out to ride the gravel paths near home gave me some freedom and relief.

Jenny skiing

After a year of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy it was my bike that really brought me back to life. As I became physically stronger, riding is what helped me find my soul again. Struggling up each hill reminded me of how strong I can be and it kept me pushing up for that next rip back down. With each ride I spent more and more time in flow state, feeling more and more alive figuratively, literally, emotionally, and spiritually. Biking gave me my confidence back. Instead of planning my funeral, I got to pick out a new Fugitive and deck it out with custom pink decals (thanks Knolly).

Jenny and her custom Knolly Fugitive

Through most of the heavy treatment my Carbon Warden’s lighter weight, smaller wheels and insane traction helped keep me going and regain my confidence climbing. Its ample plush travel built my descending confidence back up as well. Once I felt strong enough, I rewarded myself with a new Fugitive. Its bigger wheels help give me even more belief in my abilities, smoothing out the trail and letting me carry more speed everywhere. The Warden helped this bird get out of the nest; the Fugitive has now got me soaring.

Jenny's custom Knolly Fugitive with pink decals

At this point I’m at the end of my intensive medical treatment and into the “maintenance stage.” I continue to educate myself on managing the psychological scars of cancer through meditation, yoga & support groups. However, biking has been crucial in repairing my soul; it helps me to not feel like a sick person anymore. Riding on my own provides me with a calm focused flow state, and riding with my family is pure joy as I feel my children's love for freedom on two wheels.

I can’t thank Knolly enough for giving me the tools to get back to being the mom, wife, woman, and athlete I want to be. To all women, and men with women in their lives: self-check, get a mammogram, and Ride On!

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