Kinetik Cycles- Coquitlam’s Largest Mountain Bike Shop

Kinetik Cycles- Coquitlam’s Largest Mountain Bike Shop

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Kinetik Cycles is based out of Coquitlam BC and is located minutes away from Knolly HQ. We connected with Jonathan Kang, staffer and rider at Kinetik. We wanted to hear more about this specialty bike store, highlight their backyard trails and check out Jonathan's new ride.

Words by Jonathan Kang

Knolly Warden 168

What bike/model do you ride?

I’m currently riding a raw Warden 168 set up with a 29” wheel up front. 

Why did you choose this model? What’s the spec/build kit? Anything custom?

My first Knolly was the Fugitive LT and I was blown away with how composed it was for a short/mid travel 29er, largely due to the traction and supportiveness of the Fourby4 suspension design. When I heard the new Warden was on its way, I was eager to order one.

I purchased it with the GX build kit and Industry Nine wheels with Hydra hubs. Custom parts include OneUp carbon bars and Chromag HiFi stem, Squarewave XL grips and Scarab pedals. When I run the bike in mullet mode, I swap the stock 170mm Lyrik up front for a 160mm Fox 36 and remove a 5mm spacer from under the stem. I find this helps to keep the geometry similar to what I like in the stock 27.5” configuration while also accommodating a 29” front wheel. 

Jonathan on his Knolly bike

What’s the ride performance like? 

As with all Knollys I have been lucky enough to throw a leg over, the traction and predictability are unparalleled. The Warden excels when the going gets steep and technical. The short chainstays also make the bike super fun to jib around on and pop out of berms. I’ve enjoyed being able to run it with mixed wheels for that extra aggression and increased rollover, so it’s a versatile platform for someone who enjoys being able to fine tune the bike to cater to their riding style.


What do you do with Kinetik? 

I help Kinetik Cycles by connecting the shop with the local community of riders and promoting brand awareness. This often manifests in the form of managing social media platforms, email marketing and creating digital assets such as graphics, photos and videos. 

Knolly Bikes inside Kinetik Cycles

How long have you been involved with this shop?

I have been involved with Kinetik for just over 3.5 years.

What do you think makes this shop special?

Kinetik has always been a shop that truly cares about the community and genuinely treats everyone who comes into the shop as a human being rather than just a customer. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and ready to do whatever it takes to help someone out and get them back on their bike. The shop owner, Fabian, has also been a tremendous supporter of local trail advocacy groups.

Jonathan riding

What trails are in their backyard? What trails do you ride?

Kinetik Cycles is very fortunate to be situated between Eagle Mountain, Burke Mountain and Burnaby Mountain, so there are many awesome trails close by. Some of my favourite local trails include Bad Blood and Three Little Pigs. Special shoutout to TORCA and the builders for their great work!

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