A Maze of Opportunity

A Maze of Opportunity

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Catching air on a Knolly

I’ve been thinking about how to best start writing this post for a few days now. Every time I slowly start to wrap my head around a topic that I am passionate about, I get pulled away. During the calmest parts of my day, I try and piece it together and realize that my list of interests and demands that I put on myself, is precisely the reason I am struggling with this project.

I am a professional mountain biker, aspiring entrepreneur, social media manager, student,

photographer, nomad (living in a van) and the list continues. I remember when my main

objective was to graduate as a mechanical engineer, and to be a World Cup downhill racer. That

was nearly six years ago, and I had just joined the Knolly Grassroots Race program. Since then

I’ve acquired an ever-growing number of interests and expanded on my existing ones; needless

to say my plan has altered as these things typically do.

Racing on a Knolly Bike

I have always had many interests and multiple goals. There has never been one singular focus

that directs all my attention, and thankfully, never a dull moment. As I venture through my

maze of interests, there is intrigue all around me. These twists and turns have brought me

many opportunities yet they allow me to continue exploring and building upon my strengths

and interests. Some of these interests can change my direction, others are just small

distractions. While it’s exciting to be heading towards something new, I am careful not to

wander too far from my original path, so that I stay focused and fulfill what I originally set out

to do. Why do I continue into this maze of commitments? It might be that I enjoy being busy,

maybe I find the larger number of accomplishments compelling, or it could be that I’m afraid of

mundane routine.

So, how will I explore every path that intrigues me and every opportunity that beckons? I am

learning to take the long view – all in good time. There will be a time when certain passions

start pulling more than others and require more attention and commitment. When that time

comes, I will pivot, adjust and make the sacrifices necessary to navigate this new trail.

Yes, I have a lot of interests but for me, there is difference between interest and passion.

National Championships podium

While interests may draw my attention in the moment, my passion drives me. It’s these passions that define who I will become. I am a mountain biker, and I am turning my bars straight into my

future. I’ll complete my academic program shortly and my course is securely fixed on becoming

a successful high-level athlete. I’ve set my sights on a full Crankworx World Tour, with the hope

of getting as close as I can to King of Crankworx.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain Knolly calling my name that I must turn my attention to.

All smiles with Knolly Bikes

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