The Flannel Crew's Rowdy 2021 Recap

Posted by Noel Buckley on

By: Austen Tanney & Joey Reinhart

Photography: Jayme Hunter & Graham Trenholm

As we sit here, scratching our heads, trying to find the words to describe how rad 2021 was for us, we're reminiscing on the good times and all of the crazy things we pulled off. To be honest, we felt a bit like caged animals. Seeing some of the riding happening across the pond had us drooling like a Doberman staring at a porterhouse steak... It left us with two options.

To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. That hunger led us to explore some of the best landscapes, trail networks, and bike parks in Canada. We linked up with legends, progressed on two wheels, and just generally had one heck of a time.

Above all else, we approached the year intending to make a positive difference in the bike community and leave a lasting impression on everyone we happened to meet. We put shovels in the dirt, carried a 300lb trick booter 3km through a field, chugged beers on Remy Metallier's GoPro, chainsaw shotgunned beers for Stevie Smith at the Banff Film Festival, and managed to help some friends in need.

Now buckle up. We're about to take you on one hell of a stoke-fueled journey.

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