BIKE CHECK: Flat Bar Beere Blue Cache

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Knolly Staffer & National team rider: Michelle Pittam

IG: @michelle_pittam

Where do you live and where do you ride?

I live on the North Shore and usually ride locally or anywhere in the Sea to Sky region. 

What are your favourite types of riding/trails? 

When I am not mountain biking I really enjoy a nice city ride! Or any type of singletrack through a lush forest. I just like to rip around with my camera, and explore new areas. I have also been trying to ride some easier mountain bike trails that are not typically ridden on a “gravel” bike, it's a lot of fun!

How tall are you, what size bike do you ride? How does your bike fit? 

I am 5’9” and ride a size 56cm; it fits like a glove.

What’s your bike spec/build kit? Did you do anything custom? 

For my build I wanted to have my Cache set up flat bar and also be interesting enough to catch people's eyes. It is essentially set up like a 90s style mountain bike. My favorite part of the build is probably what makes it the most unique: the blue tires (that just happen to perfectly match the color on the Knolly logo). 


-Shimano NX, 1x11

-Easton cranks

- Chromag cockpit

-Shimano XTR brakes

-SimWorks Panracer “The Homage” tires

Intended use (where do you plan to take this bike/ride in 2022): ? 

I haven’t put too many miles on this bike yet, but I am definitely hoping to in the 2023 season! I want to explore more gravel and singletrack trails opposed to city rides. I am hoping to take it bikepacking to some local islands as well. I would like to go on some big adventures on this bike!

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