Bike Check: Delirium "Murder Mullet"

Bike Check: Delirium "Murder Mullet"

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photos by Antonio Marroquin

Rider: Quinn Winter

Bike: “Murder Mullet” Delirium

IG: @quinnwinter73

Height/Weight: 5’9”, 180lbs

Frame model/size: Delirium (Still Creek Murder Raw finish), size medium

Where I ride:

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, my home mountain is the famous Bootleg Canyon.

The terrain is very steep, rocky, loose, and puts a pounding on any bike.

Bike specs

-Rear shock: Jade Coil

-Front fork: Onyx DC 29er

-Headset: Cane Creek

-Handlebars/Stem/Grips/Saddle/Seatpost: Deity

-Brakes/Chain/Rear Cassette/Pedals: Shimano

-Cranks/Chain ring/Sprocket: Raceface

-Tires: Maxxis Minion DHR/DHF

Bike set-up & Ride Impressions:

I achieved a 63-degree head angle but fell short of the specified bottom bracket height by a half of an inch for the neutral setting. I was a little nervous that the bike may not corner that well because of the specified bottom bracket height due to the 29er front end but nothing could be further from the truth!

My first run was down a trail called Snake back, that right out of the gate has a feature called

Razors Edge which has a lot of sharp clustered rocks that can bounce you off your line. The mullet Delirium handled this feature with ease, as the 29er front end plowed its way over the rocks. The bike felt unbelievably stable, picked up speed quickly and had almost zero negative feedback from the terrain. My friend confirmed this while he was watching me descend. He told me that it looked like I wasn't putting in any effort to control the bike and said the Delirium looked playful on the descent. It felt like this all-day as I rode steeper and more technical trails.

There are a couple of sections on the trails that are flat or require a little uphill pedal; the mullet Delirium didn't back down from the challenge! This bike versus my old Podium has a great pedal platform. I didn't get much pedal bob, and when I needed to put power into the pedalling, I didn't feel like I was wasting energy due to the bob or plushness. The best way to describe it is: it pedals like my Fugitive, which handles hills with no problem.

Bootleg isn't devoid of tight, flat, and loose turns, and my nerves were calmed after leaning the bike over to turn, and I didn't get any flop or had to overpower the bike to turn. It felt planted and balanced and cornered as it should have. The smaller wheel in the rear made the bike agile on tight turns and it was easy to bring around. The jumps and drops due to the smaller wheel were incredibly comforting because not once did I buzz my bum as I have with my Fugitive going off the same features.

Overall, from testing this bike on my home trails and riding some lines at the old Rampage site, my mullet Delirium feels like it can handle whatever gets thrown at it. I cannot wait for racing to start again to put it to work and see how much easier the trails have become due to how it has handled so far.

This past weekend, the Murder Mullet prevailed yesterday taking me to the top step as 2021

Nevada State Cat 1 40 downhill champion! I am super stoked for the upcoming race


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