12 Year Old Twins on Their Knolly Bikes

12 Year Old Twins Who Love Riding Bikes

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Featuring: James CorriganWestley Corrigan

Photos: Patrik Zuest 

James and Westley Corrigan are 12-year-old twin brothers from Nanaimo, BC. They have been riding bikes since they were five years old and have developed a love for the sport over the years. In 2022, they joined the Knolly GSR team and started riding small Knolly Wardens

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How did you get into riding bikes?

James: I think we really started biking when we moved from Winnipeg to Nanaimo. Our dad built us a ramp that we rode all the time. We just jumped and had a lot of fun. We started racing BMX and going to the Stevie Smith Bike Park. That's where we made friends who were biking just as much as we did. It was awesome to hang out with them and learn new tricks. 

Westley: And then COVID happened. That was pretty boring for us, but we could still ride our mountain bikes. We spent hours every day riding bikes either on our street or on our local trails. The Stevie Smith Bike Park was closed, so we just rode our bikes where we could. When racing started up again, we stopped BMX racing and started racing mountain bikes. What I like most about biking is spending time with my friends and exploring new trails. 

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Where is your favourite place to ride? 

James: That's a tough question. It's hard to pick a favourite place. But if I had to choose, I'd say Whistler. The trails are so good and there's always something new to explore. We always meet up with friends in Whistler and like going to Sushi Village together but I really love riding at Mount Prevost. The trails there are super challenging.  So yeah, I guess it's a tie between Whistler and Prevost.

Westley: I’m lucky to live on Vancouver Island because there are so many places to ride. I mostly ride in Cumberland, Mount Prevost, and around Nanaimo. I could ride island trails every day and never get bored. Last October, we went on a big road trip to Utah, and it was a lot of fun. The riding there was so different from home. We visited Moab, Park City, and Virgin to check out the original Redbull Rampage site. I’d never ridden anything like that before. There were lines and jumps and sketchy canyon gaps everywhere.  The Rampage Site was the highlight of the trip. I had a lot of fun on Breakfast Line and there's another big canyon gap I want to hit if I get to go back. 

What’s your favourite trail?

James: If I had to choose, I'd say one of my favorites is the Monster Mile at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. It's super challenging and technical, which makes it fun to ride. It's where the Stevie Smith Memorial race is held every year and I want to do that race. When I’m in Whistler I like Captain Safety and In Deep. Those trails have some amazing features like rock slabs, rolls, and chutes. Also A-Line and Freight Train party laps are hard to beat. I even got to lap those trails with a few pro riders last summer which was awesome! 

Westley: It's hard for me to pick just one favorite bike trail because there are so many. At Whistler Bike Park, I love Schleyer to Upper Joyride, and then jumping onto Detroit Rock City or Lower Whistler Downhill. It's a long ride with a lot of different sections, which is super fun. I have a great time on Goats Gully because I like riding tech trails. I also had fun on Airplane Mode in Squamish. It's a shorter trail and really well built. My Warden is perfect for that trail. 

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Why do you love your Knolly Warden?

James: My Warden is the perfect bike for me because it can handle anything I want to ride. It is good for hitting big jumps, tech trails, or cruising down a flow trail. I just added a double crown fork to help on DH races and in the park. The Warden is built to handle it and it really makes a difference on the big lines. All the components work together, and it makes it a pretty great bike that I can still boss around.

Westley: The Warden is fun. It's a great freeride bike, which is perfect for me. It doesn't hold me back from anything.  If I had to pick one thing about the Warden, it would be the suspension. I like to ride a lot of different things on my bike and the Warden does it all. I also like that it can take a coil shock. I started out with an air shock on my bike, but I like the feeling I get from a coil, especially when on big jumps. I think the Warden is just a fun bike.

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What are your race plans for 2023?

James:  This is going to be a great race season. Last summer, I did a few of the NW cup races and they were fun. I want to do the whole series this year. I came in 2nd at the first NW Cup this year.  I also want to get to Whistler for the Air DH race and want to be a pre-runner at the Stevie Smith Memorial race at Mount Washington.  

Westley: I had a bad crash in April and broke both of my arms, so I can’t race right now. Last year, I had a lot of fun at the NW Cup so I hope I can get back in shape and be ready for a few of those races. I should be ready for the A-Line Air DH race at Whistler Crankworx again this summer. I want to ride with my friends and check out other places like Silver Star and Big White.  I want to have fun on new trails and try new things. I can't wait to get back on my bike and start riding again.

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