Bike Check: Local youth racing on her Chilcotin

Bike Check: Local youth racing on her Chilcotin

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Rider: Kirra Whitehead

IG: @kirra.mtb

Where you live

Coquitlam BC

What are your favorite trails to ride?

  1. Rupert, Squamish BC
  2. Microclimate, Whistler BC
  3. Marvin, Coquitlam BC

What did you accomplish on your bike this season?

  1. 1st place Vedder Mountain CEL, short course
  2. 3rd place Squamish Enduro, short course
  3. 3rd place BC Highschool Provincials Enduro
  4. 1st place T500 cross country, under 18
  5. 5th place BC Highschool Provincials Cross Country
  6. First time racing expert at Nanaimo Women’s Enduro

What I’ve done with the bike this year

I chose the Chilcotin 167 to have a true enduro bike that would be able to conquer the descents at speed, and it sure does. This year, I have raced the Chilcotin in many different enduro races and look forward to many more. The bike has helped my confidence on the downs, helping me conquer even more technical and difficult features. I look forward to seeing where the Chilcotin takes me next!

What bike do you have and what size?

Knolly Chilcotin 167, Size Medium

How tall are you and what’s your inseam?

I am 5”7 and my inseam is 33 inches

What size frame did you get? How does it fit you?

I got a size Medium, and it fits just right

What’s your bike spec?

  • GX + Fox Factory X2/36 Suspension Package

What did you do to make this bike yours?

  • Clip pedals
  • Sticker decals
  • New grips

I kept the majority of the bike components the same, but I focused on the color scheme to make mine standout! I wanted to go for a dark and evil look on my bike, and to me that means black and purple! I matched some of my components, and sticker decals according to this color scheme!

What do you love about your new bike?

What I love about the Chilcotin 167 is the variety of descents the Chilcotin can ride. Its sends on the flow trails, tackles the rocks and roots on the tech trails, flies on the jump trails, and overall, is an amazing bike. Looking forward to my adventures with the bike!

GSR Chilcotin 167 Race Photo

Kiira GSR Race Photo

Kiira Chilcotin 167

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