Bike Check: Cache Gravel

Bike Check: Cache Gravel

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Rider: Mark

IG: @bikindad

How tall are you?

5'11" 194lbs

What's your inseam? any bike fit considerations that are unique?

the seat post I feel is key!

While the dropper post are rad, not a necessary item for the bike I feel. My pals at Cane Creek have a most awesome post that's NOT bulky like their Thud Buster. It's called the EE Silk post, a definite upgrade in comfort & style for anyone's gravel bike.

What size frame?


What’s your build spec?

Shimano GRX 1x kit

Cane Creek Cycling EESilk Post

Smani Saddles brand NSpire Series

Maxxis Tires RAMBLER Series

Custom colored wheels by SPINERGY

What are you running in your cockpit?

WHISKY Parts Co.

Fork No.9 Carbon Fork 15mm x 100mm

Stem No.7 6 degree, 90MM, 31.8 clamp size

Bar No.7 24 degree flare 46 centimeter

What’s the intended use (where are you riding it)?

So far, I've traveled everywhere except the local single track.

Road, Green-way, Fields, Paved & Gravel paths & over a few bike park-like features built by the Bikin' Dads Adventures crew😉 "Dad tested, Kid approved"!

Where do you live?

North Carolina

Why do you love your new ride?

In full transparency, I was most nervous about this build.

It is the first bike I've owned with tires skinnier than 2.0's in size & with drop bar's.

While, I already knew the awesomeness that is KNOLLY, it's the one brand I put that faith in to take my riding to new level's. Be it the local gravel scene, chasing the family along the green-way's or other bicycle adventures. Sadly, the region has been super soaked with rain, rain, monsoon & more rain for months it seems, causing all the local single track trails to remain closed. Having said that, I was determined last September to go "next level" & invest in this thing called a gravel bike. Gravel or not, I've ridden it since completion pretty much on every terrain surface other than big rocks & roots. The agility, the observed increase in speed based off distance & much more has been quite an awesome experience. While, I did practice with flat pedals & my AFTON brand shoes for a few weeks, I transitioned over to my SPD pedals a few weeks ago. Other than getting accustomed to my first "spandex" kit this is a most awesome adventure!

Now, to refill the wallet for the FUGITIVE.

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