27.5 White Chilcotin Bike Check

Posted by Noel Buckley on

Rider: Mark Balcita

IG handle: @mbalcita

Resides: Langley, BC

Nearby trails and your favorite trails

Woodlot, Thornhill. Anything with jumps!

What do you ride (type of terrain)? 

I mainly ride jump/flow trails and I went with the Chilcotin 167 because I wanted a bike that could handle big jumps and the steeps. 

Mark Balcita Ride Chilcotin

What model and colour? 

167 Chilcotin in white!

How tall are you? What size frame did you get? How does it fit you?

I’m about 5’ 8”. I got a medium and it fits perfect. 

What's your bike spec? Did you do anything custom?

I took some parts off my Fugitive which was basically a GX build kit with a Z1. The white Title bar and stem give the bike a real clean look. The 27.5 Weareone’s to i9’s make the bike sound great as well. I like the smaller wheels mainly for jumps. 

What do you love about your new bike?

I really love how the bike feels. I love the lower bb and the top tube length is perfect. Slack mode is perfect for the steeps. 

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