Bearing Linkage Upgrade Service Kit - Gen 5 - Warden & Chilcotin (2020-2023)

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Replacement linkage assembly to service Bearing Linkage frames (2023), or to upgrade Bushing Linkage frames (2020-2022).

  • Warden V2 2020-2023
  • Delirium V4 2020-2021
  • Chilcotin V2 2021-2023

Includes LHS/RHS swing links (Enduro bearings installed), 2x push link (688 bearing instead of IGUS bushing), 2x push link/swing link pivot bolt assembly (different than bushing PL/SL bolt assembly), 2x push link/seatstay spacer, 2x push link/seatstay Ti bolt (different than bushing PL/SS bolt).

This kit replaces the original push link bushing/keyed axle assembly (#6-8, #11-13, #29-30, #37 on the Gen 5 Bushing BOM.)

Knolly Part Number: 01.09.0401

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