Why women love Knolly Bikes

Why women love Knolly Bikes

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There are companies that offer women’s specific mountain bikes.  At Knolly, we acknowledge these efforts but choose to focus on delivering the best female ride solution with a bike line-up that:

Here's some feedback from our riders:

IG: @laylademanuele

“My Knolly is simply fun and inspires confidence… technical climbs are super precise, the top tube length and wheelbase are sized right (I’m 5’3”), and the bike is that magic blend of stable at speed, but still tight in the technical. The straight seat-tube is a blessing, in that I can run a full length dropper and still get the seat as low or high as I need.”

IG: @mud_honey

"Originally designed and built for the North Shore, where I ride most often :)

Local company (I still have my 1st Generation V-Tac, which was fully made in Vancouver). Knolly is engaged in the local and broader communities, supports & gives back to the trails; and supports women riders.

There is exceptional design/engineering and attention to detail. The company has an authentic drive to deliver the best possible experience for the rider. And the bikes fit smaller riders as well, I'm 5'2".

IG: @shaylischralps

“The geometry has been scaled perfectly for smaller women to maintain a comfortable standover height. The Fourby4 suspension keeps the promise of efficient pedaling and maximum traction.The reach allows for a comfortable and confident ride, and pairs extremely well with shorter stems that further highlight the great handling characteristics of the bike.”

IG: @lynnewoodleyphotography

"A stable climber, a confidence builder when shredding steep descents, and a super fun bike when getting "sendy" on jumps and drops. I think of my anodized black Endorphin as my ‘little black dress’; elegant, classy lines that I can easily accessorize with any color I choose. Currently my Endorphin has purple accents and draws so much attention wherever we go, she is certainly a conversation starter!

Not only is Knolly a Canadian company but also a BC company designing bikes that live to shred the gnarl! Knolly Bikes, thank you for making me feel like family not just another customer, you guys ROCK!!"

IG: @probablyinthewoodstoo

"I have always loved Knolly for the impeccable attention to design. Great design is a fine balance: and Knolly's are designed for the kind of high performance that our beautiful BC terrain demands while not being 'overdesigned' or overly complicated.

The bikes are a remarkable combination of high performance, simplicity and durability, making them reliable, playful and beautiful. My Fugitive has been an all-around sender; from tackling DH races on Wednesday nights in our Phat Wednesday series in Whistler, to Chilcotin backcountry excursions on the weekend. This bike climbs as well as my hardtail, but supports quick and playful descents down some of our most technical trails."

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