Slopeduro Endorphin Bike Check!

Slopeduro Endorphin Bike Check!

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Rider: Alexandre Leduc
Instagram: @monsieur_leduc

Photos: Simon Drouin 

I have always loved Knolly as a brand and I had the chance to meet Dominic Toupin (Knolly Quebec Race Manager) this past summer. We got to talking (mostly about his insanely cool Tyaughton Ti) and I am really stoked to be on the 2024 Ambassador Team. My first new steed is the Endorphin. I built it up as a slopestyle/dirt/pumptrack fun bike!

Where do you live?
I live in St-Denis-de-Brompton, a small municipality of the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

What are your favourite trails to ride?
This is such a loaded question! It really depends on the time of the year. Since our winters are so long, I ride the indoor pumptrack at the Centre National Cycliste de Bromont and a few indoor skateparks like the Taz in Montreal. In the summer, I ride mostly in Bromont and the Highlands in the United States.  But with the upcoming race season, I will be riding all over Quebec. 

What do you want to accomplish on your bike this season?
The Endorphin has been named the Endor "fun" since I built it up. It is very playful and for an older (36 years old) rider, the suspension and slacker angles really give me a nice platform to continue to progress my tricks. It's a bit "safer" for my back and wrists, which have taken a beating in the past. I will not be landing double backflips but I am really excited for what I will be able to land in 2024. For the time being, I will continue to sharpen my skills at the pumptrack and park. With the double suspension, it means I have to work a bit harder so it keeps me in shape!

Endorphin bike check

What bike do you have and what size?
I settled on a size medium Endorphin as my frame since it's built as a fun bike, and a smaller frame made a ton of sense. If I were to build it purely for pumptrack/slope, I could have gone for a size small but I ordered a medium so I could have a bit more stability on the bigger jumps that I intend to ride this summer.

How tall are you/what's your inseam?
I am 5ft11 and have a 89cm inseam.

What's your bike spec?
I like to keep my bikes simple as everything on a bike will see a lot of abuse and will mostly be run at full PSI suspension wise.

Frame: Knolly Endorphin
Fork: 150mm Rockshox Lyrics RC
Rear Shock: Fox Float X
Bar and Stem: Title AH1 31.8, 38mm Rise cut to 765mm and Title ST1 35mm
Cranks: Shimano Deore 170mm with Deore BB
Wheels: Spank Oozy 27.5 front and rear
Cassette: Wheels Manufacturing SOLO-XD single speed conversion
Derailleur: Reverse Components Tensionner
Grips: Chromag Basis
Pedals: Title Connect
Tires: Maxxis Ikon in 27.5x2.35
Saddle and Seatpost: Title JS1 and AP1
Brake: Shimano Deore 4 Piston

Endorphin bike check

What did you do to make this bike yours?
I think that I am the first to build an Endorphin as a slopeduro. When I first saw the Champagne color, I pictured it with Chrome/Silver accents and I ordered all the parts before I even got the frame. When I opened the box I knew I had something really awesome. 

Endorphin Title Bar shot

What's custom on your bike that no other rider has?
The SOLO-XD and Reverse Components tensioner is something you do not see very often. It really speaks to the versatility of the bike that we are seeing built ranging from slopeduro to Mullet Enduro missiles.

What do you love about your new bike?
I love the way it rides and looks. It is awesome to be supported by a Canadian Company that believes in all types of riders.

Endorphin ride

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