Bike Check: New Nevada athlete builds up her dream pink Chilcotin

Bike Check: New Nevada athlete builds up her dream pink Chilcotin

Posted by Noel Buckley on

Rider: Lauren ‘LMO’ Moser

IG handle- l_mo_87

Hometown- Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Currently living in Henderson, Nevada, USA.

Nearby trail system and your favorite trails- Mccullough and Nitro are the closest trails to my house. These trails offer a fun jump line with step ups, step downs, a rock wall, and a pump like track. However, my favorite trail system is Bootleg Canyon located in Boulder City, NV. This trail system is made up of super sharp and gnarly rocks with a lot of exposure and very technical sections. One of the scariest trails I have ridden at Bootleg is aptly named Poop Chute because it has a blind entrance and a very steep rocky descent into a loose left-handed catch berm. Only Cat 1 and pro racers ride this trail during the Bootleg DVO Gravity race series. 

What do you ride (type of terrain)?  What's the intended use for your new bike? The Chilcotin pedals as if the bike is a XC build and loves to descend all the chunky rock features, my motto is ‘Let it eat!’. Each drop or jump landed feels as if you are landing on pillows. It really is the perfect all-around bike for whatever terrain you want to ride, the Chilcotin will handle it with ease!

What model/colour- I’m riding the Chilcotin 155 in Pink (team only colour) and I love it! I get daily compliments on how stunning the colour is, and that the glitter really pops in the sun.  It is probably the prettiest bike I have ever owned!  I literally cannot stop staring at it.  

Bike spec/build. Did you do anything custom to make it special? The bike is set in the slack setting. I am running the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 29 and the Rockshox Super Deluxe ULT RCT. I am running Spank Oozy Trail wheels with the Maxxis Assegai and Minion DHR tires.

I added all purple components from Deity including Deity lockjaw grips, Deity copperhead stem, Deity blacklabel handlebars,  Deity circuit clamp, and Deity Deftrap pedals. 

I swapped the brakes to TRP DH-R EVO with 203mm rotors, which have unmatched stopping power. I have Mynesweepers inserts in the front and rear tires to help with flats that happen riding the gnarly terrain at Bootleg Canyon. 

How tall are you? What size frame did you get? How does it fit you? I am 5’8’’ and ordered a medium frame which is the perfect fit for me.

What do you love about your new bike? I love that no matter what trail I plan on riding, I know the Chilcotin will handle it like a dream. This bike has a lot of travel which helps with the steep rocky features that it devours, but it also pedals so well that getting to the top of the hill doesn’t leave you completely smoked so that you can enjoy the descent.

Photo credits: _onetaketony



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