Premium materials Titanium

We use titanium because of its premium ride quality, anti-corrosion resistant characteristics and unlimited fatigue cycle. And our supplier is the best in the industry, enabling them to create the precise tooling required, so that they can produce the custom tubing we need for this model.

Premium Materials Steel

We chose air hardened steel because it’s malleable and it allowed us to craft the tubing to the exact spec’s we needed. Our steel is heat treated to give high strength and durability, and its compliant nature ensures a comfortable ride for long days in the saddle.

Butted Tubing (Steel)

All our steel tubes are butted so that the walls are thicker where it’s welded and thinner in the middle. This reduces weight while also ensuring you have the strength needed for welding the tube ends. Plus, we know you’re going to ride hard in all weather conditions, so we applied an ED anti-corrosion coating on the interior and exterior of all our tubes.

Custom Tubing

We feature custom tubing throughout so that the bike balances the perfect level of stiffness and comfort for any all mountain adventure. And each frame size features the appropriate tube diameter for that particular size, which allows us to tailor the stiffness from our smallest to largest sized frames.

Drop Outs

Custom CNC'd dropouts combine the stiffness of the chainstay to the legendary flex of titanium in the seatstay. The offset tube position on the dropout hood also helps the frame absorb vibration before it gets to the rider.


We feature 157Trail rear hub spacing which uses the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells. This spacing provides the most options for tire size and can easily clear tire widths up to 2.6. With 157Trail, heel clearance is exceptional and chainring clearance remains huge at 36T.

Special Head Tube Engraving (Titanium Models)

This custom designed headtube engraving is found on our Titanium models. Inspired by Noel’s hobby of A 20 minute CNC process...

Human Centric Sizing

We have always believed in human centric sizing and design our bikes to deliver optimal reach, standover height and geometry for a broad range of riders.

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