Warden Alloy Frame Only, No Shock
Warden Alloy Frame Only, No Shock


Warden Alloy Frame Only, No Shock

What the PinkBike said about the Warden:

Add a few inches to the wheelbase, subtract a few degrees from the head angle, and viola, you have a bike that only works when you unleash the beast on truly beastly terrain. Those same bikes often leave me a bit deflated when I'm looking for fun rather than fear, but the Warden has an entirely different sort of character. Rigs likes this are purpose built to make you forget about your shitty day at work, your loud kids, and your spouse yelling at you for buying this exact bike.

It's nice how things can balance out like that when you make the having fun a priority, which is exactly what Knolly have done with the Warden, and they've done such a good job that it's going to take a four foot diameter cedar tree to wipe the smile off of your face. I found myself with the front wheel off the deck for long periods of time, first just to manual out of necessity, but then because it just felt like the right thing to. It feels good, very much like when you put your spare change in that little plastic box beside the cash register at the grocery store that supposedly goes towards summer camp for blind children. Yes, like that but actually a bit more rewarding.

XL will fit 6'1" to 6'3"

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Color Army Green with Orange

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