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James Doerfling

Nickname: Hauser, Redneck


D.O.B.: July 7, 1986


Residence: Williams Lake B.C.


Pro Since: Not too sure?


Career Highlights: Red Bull Rampage, Kranked Series, Stund Series, Where the Trail Ends.


Best Part of the Job: Travelling... finding new riding zones.


Favorite Food: Bacon and eggs.


Music Interests: Little bit of everything.


Favourite Trail: Home town trails

When did mountain biking beome a way of life for you?


I think back when I started working at the local bike shop in my home town I realized I wanted to take biking more serious.



Who do you respect in mountain biking?


All the professional riders that have stuck with it and made a career of biking.... because it's not easy



Who do you ride with regularly?


Usually ride with Kurt Sorge, Garett Buehler and Graham Aggassiz... and buddies back home.



Favourite bike film section and why?


Right now I think Claw's seggy in the latest NWD film... it's just so rowdy, it gets me fired up every time I see it.



What do you have planned for next season?


Next season I have a few comps I am going to hit and then most of the season is going to be focussed on building and filming some new bad ass big mountain lines.



Any shoutouts?

My mom for all the support over the past years.